The human brain is a parallel processing super computer capable of instantaneously processing vast amounts of information. BrainGate's technology allows for an extensive amount of electrical activity data to be transmitted from neurons in the brain to computers for analysis.

Once you have an implanted device like BrainGate™, the limits of the human brain become unbounded.  In many ways, you are freed from your body.  You can connect your brain to the Internet, to a robot, or to a bionic arm.  BrainGate™ could as easily be used to control a wheelchair or car with your mind, as it could to control a nuclear submarine.  As Wired Magazine remarked after spending time with the first BrainGate™ patient at Cyberkinetics™, “In theory, once you can control a computer cursor, you can do anything from drawing circles to piloting a battleship.”  


BrainGate Demonstration Video
00:46 - Watch BrainGate's animated presentation.

BrainGates First Patient
Watch BrainGtes first patient demonstarte the amazing abilities of thought.
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Our company's core BrainGate™ technology is available through engineering and manufacturing partners:
Bionic®, Neural array microchips used in our core technology.
NeuroPort® system for human clinical trials.
Cerebus® system used for research and testing.
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