BrainGate™ Co.’s technology and intellectual property, both through Cyberkinetics™ and its association with leading Universities, has been featured in numerous national and local media outlets documenting the technology's potential.

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abc   Paralyzed Woman Moves Robotic Arm With Her Mind
The device, called BrainGate, bypasses the nerve circuits broken by the brainstem stroke and replaces them with wires that run outside Hutchinson's body

s   Paralyzed woman gets robotic arm she controls with her mind
In a clinical trial, Cathy Hutchinson, who has been paralyzed for more than 14 years, used the BrainGate system to mentally control a robotic arm and reach for a drink. By Linda Carroll The stroke that disconnected Cathy Hutchinson's brain from her ...

The Brain-Computer Interface That Let a Quadriplegic Woman Move a Cup
In 2006, Brown and colleagues published a paper in Nature on an earlier version of this device and process - called Braingate - that demonstrated in a man paralyzed from the neck down that it was possible to move a cursor on a computer using thought.

w   Paralyzed Woman Controls Robotic Arm with Her Mind
Hochberg directs the BrainGate2 clinical trial, an ongoing test of the BrainGate system. With a 4-millimeter-wide, brain-implanted chip as its centerpiece, the system conducts signals from motion-controlling neurons to a computer that decodes the ...
  CyberKinetics' Brain-to-Computer Interface Gets a Second Chance

60 Minutes feature on Nueral Interfaces
'60 Minutes': BrainGate: Movement controlled by mind

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Our company's core BrainGate™ technology is available through engineering and manufacturing partners:
Bionic®, Neural array microchips used in our core technology.
NeuroPort® system for human clinical trials.
Cerebus® system used for research and testing.
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